Saturday, 29 June 2013


Here is an open invitation to those of you who own or have access to a motorcycle to join one of the most elite Firefighters Clubs n Australia and around the World.
Become a RED KNIGHT with the new North Queensland Chapter - AUSTRALIA 12.

International Founded - 1982
Incorporated - 1983
Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club Inc

  • To promote motorcycle safety
  • To Project a positive image of motorcycling
  • To enjoy the fraternity of Firefighters
To engage exclusively in social, charitable and educational activities directed at increasing the general understanding, enjoyment, competency, sportsmanship and participation in the sport of Motorcycling.

For more information, please see the below web site links 

To join contact - AUSTRALIA 12 Chapter President John Ring 0419 603 648

The patch we wear is the FIRE FIGHTERS Cross which is known around the World as a symbol of protection for Fire Fighters.
The Firefighters Cross is an 8 pointed cross which signifies the qualities that Firefighters strive to portray ...... whether they realise it or not.


Dan Campbell Award

Dan Campbell1910 - 1999
                    Graduate Institute of Fire Engineers                                               17th September 1935
Auxiliary Fireman at Ithaca                                                                 1928 - 1930
Permanent Fireman - Metropolitan Fire Brigade Brisbane      1930 - 1975
Ranks Held
1st Class Fireman                1930 - 1937
Station Officer                     1937 - 1940
Foreman                                 1940 - 1941
District Officer                     1941 - 1943
3rd Officer                             1943 - 1951
1st Officer                              1951 - 1974
Superintendent                    1974 - 1975
Stationed at Ithaca, Albion, Woolloongabba, Wynnum, Alderley, Headquarters (Ann St, Kemp Place)
Lived on Brigade Quarters at Alderley 1941 - 193; Ann Street 1937 - 1941, 1943 - 1962

Trained Auxiliaries during war years 1939 - 1945 and was responsible for setting up many "fire posts".
Dan was a firefighter with extraordinary practical firefighting skills and it is fitting that the Retired Firefighters Association award is named after him.
Dan progressed from two years auxiliary service before 190 through all grades of Firefighter, Station Officer, Foreman, District Officer, Third Officer, FIrst Officer and Superintendent. During the 47 years he attended most of the serious fires that occurred in Brisbane.

DAN CAMPBELL Retired Firefighters Association Shield
Awarded to the firefighter who demonstrates Significant Progressive Achievement of Practical Firefighting Skills

2013 - Dan Campbell Shield - Dan Carlaw